About us

Our story at Micronair

Humble beginnings

Micronair was formed to service the woodworking industry and help provide a safe working environment for employees.  From there it has grown to service multiple industries from government, manufacturing, education and so much more.  Micronair now provides a range of solutions to air quality and extraction challenges.

Exceeding standards

With today’s major health concerns over inhalable toxins, it is critical that manufacturers address these issues created with traditional bag collectors that provide only 95% efficiency. Micronair aims for a minimum of 98% and up to 99.9% efficiency by incorporating our advanced filter cleaning methods, and only using high efficiency filter media of minimum E12 standard.

Continuous improvement

Micronair has adopted a continuous improvement process throughout the company, especially in the area of research and development of better filtration products. Micronair’s research and development program has produced products that are advanced beyond the industry standards.

A family business

Micronair was started by Don Brereton in 1990 to provide dust and fume extraction systems to the woodworking industry and has grown from there. Due to high customer demand, the production facility has been upgraded to the largest in Australia servicing Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. From humble beginning, Micronair is still a family run business and now has extensive experience in woodworking extraction requirements, and has expanded to nearly every industry sector, proving to be a leader in the in providing custom solutions regardless of the complexity.
Manufactured in Australia

We take pride in our work and manufacture our products to exceed Australian requirements.

Locally available parts

Made in Australia means that parts required for servicing or in the case of emergency, are readily available to minimise downtime.

Above Australian standards

Protecting workers is a key purpose of extraction systems. Most filters on the Australian Market use filter bags with an average efficiency of 95%, this bleeds fine dust into the air. Micronair aims for a minimum of 98% up to 99.9% with high efficiency to deliver better protection.

Constructed from high quality components

Micronair goes beyond the standards, ensuring our units are a valuable long-term asset. Panels are made from galvanised metal that is then powder coated, fans are hot dip galvanised and we use stainless and aluminium fasteners for their anti-corrosive properties.

Senior Management Team

Over 70 years of combined experience

The future with Micronair

Micronair have time and again proven the ability to handle the particular and complex requirements that large customers have, from documentation to compliance, and emission verification with high performance criteria.  Micronair’s design, engineering and experience proves invaluable when dealing with dust and fumes that have difficult characteristics such as sticky, oily, heavy chip, light flaking material, sharp, hydroscopic, acidic, super fine, this list and experience goes on.  Our research has allowed us to develop highly efficient units with a low footprint to enhance the installation options while reducing duct lines and wasted costs.