HiPower extraction

Continuous extraction for multiple power tools

High Efficiency Cartridge

Built around a high efficiency cartridge with 0.3 micron filter capability (1/3000th of a
millimetre) the HiPower has a large filter area with purification efficiency up to 99.9%. This high efficiency and optimised design means outperforms units with larger motors and reduces your energy and filter replacement costs.

Powerful Compact Design

With options of 318m3 up to 700m3 per hour airflow comes via a high efficiency fan powered by a 4kw to 7.5kw motor. HiPower is designed for use with multiple power tools requiring high vacuum pressure such as orbital sanders and routers.  

Easy Cleaning

The cartridge can be cleaned without opening the access door or removing it from the machine using the ‘reverse pulse’ system that connects to your compressed air supply with options of a 30 litre or 40 litre waste bin sizes.  

On-tool extraction

Dust extraction on power tools enhances work efficiency and safety. It keeps the air clean, reduces tool maintenance, improves visibility during work and keeps the workspace tidy. HiPower supports multiple tools and help keep final products free from dust related flaws.

Superior filtration

Micronair’s filters provide industry leading filtration that can clean to a 99.9% efficiency for welding fume and dry granular dust, making a significant impact on the health of workers, minimising their exposure to harmful airborne contaminants.

Designed and built in Australia

Extraction units are built with heavy steel construction with powder coating that have proven to be superior and deliver a longer unit and filter life. Our specialist software performs on the connected machines to manage air flow and speed requirements to load balance the extractor.

Available options

HiPower comes in your choice of two models of a 4kw motor with 30 litre waste bin, or 7.5kw motor with 40 litre waste bin.

Need expert advice on the right solution?

Our consultants can help advise on the right airflow and filtration requirements for your business, suggest a model or solution, and then help design an extraction system that meets your needs today and into the future.

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