Power savings and extraction performance

Variable Speed Drive

Most dust extraction systems provide an on/off constant flow system that runs at maximum capacity.  The Optiflow drive deliver on average energy savings of 50% continuous monitoring of the air-speed in the system, then automatically adjusting the fan speed to deliver the correct airflow based on use.  

Noise Reduction

The benefit of noise reduction with a variable speed motor in dust extraction systems is significant. It creates a quieter working environment, which enhances comfort and reduces hearing strain for users.

Extended Filter Life

By adjusting to speed based on demand, the system reduces the constant load on filters, leading to less frequent replacements. This not only saves on filter costs but also minimizes maintenance downtime, enhancing overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Soft start to avoid power spikes

A variable speed motor with soft start in dust extraction systems prevents power spikes, leading to energy savings, reduced risk of electrical issues and prolonged equipment life.

Auto link to machine start up/down

Automatically syncing extraction units with machines saves energy and reduces wear by operating only when necessary that also improves safety and convenience.

Designed and built in Australia

Extraction units are built with heavy steel construction with powder coating that have proven to be superior and deliver a longer unit and filter life. Our specialist software performs on the connected machines to manage air flow and speed requirements to load balance the extractor.

Fully customisable

Optiflow is fully programmable allowing fine tuning to your environment to maximise outcomes.

Need expert advice on the right solution?

Our consultants can help advise on the right airflow and filtration requirements for your business, suggest a model or solution, and then help design an extraction system that meets your needs today and into the future.

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