Next generation pleated filters

Proven in over 800 installations and counting

Next generation pleated filters

Historically pleated cartridge filters have been used in applications where high volumes of air are required with relatively low dust loads. This type of filter has been widely accepted throughout the world in many applications from food powders, welding fume, to mining applications. Traditionally the benchmark for this filter has been the pleated cartridge filter from a large USA filter manufacturer which has been copied throughout the industry as a standard accepted filter. The major problem with this type of pleated filter is the number of pleats on the filter and the filter depth. These filters traditionally use a 323 mm diameter filter with 220 pleats, this only gives a 4.6 mm gap between pleats @ 50mm depth, and the angle of the pleated is almost non-existent causing a trap for dust particles to lodge in the pleats without any reasonable chance of being dislodged by air or vibration. This limiting factor has isolated this type of filter to only certain markets however new filter technology has debunked the idea of pleated filters being only useful on light to medium dust loads.

Micronair Pleated Cartridge Filters

Micronair have developed a series of pleated cartridge dust extraction machines which have been in service in high dust load environments such as heavy woodworking applications with great success for almost 10 years. The point of difference between this pleated filter and the traditional pleated filter is quite simple, Micronair only use custom built filters with wide pleats spacing and large pleated angles to allow good dust caking with effective dust release and a tuff spun bonded polyester material not Paper.

Compared to the above example of the standard pleated filter on Micronair’s pleated series of dust collectors, the number of pleats varies from only 40 to a maximum of 100 pleats, with a pleat gap of between 7mm and 25 mm depending on collector selected. To date Micronair have over 800 installations in the woodworking industry using pleated filters with great success. Micronair also produce traditional bag filter dust collectors and are happy to supply in this style, there still remains a market for the traditional bag filter however this is declining.

Micronair have several Cleaning options available, depending on the environmental requirements

Online cleaning: This is done with either compressed air pulse cleaning or modulating the cleaning of cells while running. Typically this is used in industry where high dust loads prevent the system from being shutdown to clean so it must clean while running

Offline Cleaning: This cleaning process functions automatically after the dust collector fan is turned off, thus “offline cleaning”, the system waits for around 1minute for the fan to come to a stop and then automatically high frequency vibrates the filters to release dust into the bins, this is the most common way to operate for most businesses and educators as it is a lower cost options and requires no compressed air.