Preventative maintenance with servicing

Avoid purchasing a new unit when you don't need to.

Servicing for high performance

With thousands of installations and over 80% of Micronair extraction units being used in the woodworking industry, servicing and maintenance will ensure your that extraction unit will keep it’s high level of performance.  Regular servicing also looks beyond filters to other components of the system from ducting, hoppers and any other issues that could impact performance.  Extending the life of your extraction system and taking the recommended steps to ensure high performance is an important activity to undertake.

Avoid issues with preventative maintenance

Micronair have several Cleaning options available, depending on the environmental requirements:

Online cleaning: This is done with either compressed air pulse cleaning or modulating the cleaning of cells while running. Typically this is used in industry where high dust loads prevent the system from being shutdown to clean so it must clean while running

Offline Cleaning: This cleaning process functions automatically after the dust collector fan is turned off, thus “offline cleaning”, the system waits for around 1minute for the fan to come to a stop and then automatically high frequency vibrates the filters to release dust into the bins, this is the most common way to operate for most businesses and educators as it is a lower cost options and requires no compressed air.

Starting again is a costly exercise that can be easily avoided with regular servicing and maintenance.